4.0 Industry 4.0: The future of production is the application of techniques known as “Industry 4.0”. The first step for us was to connect all the machines to the central ERP system in real time. A PC connected to each machine shows us the machine status and helps production control, while also improving quality control, documentation and traceability, for example.

D <Development: The Plásticos Brello development service is not limited to only product design, but takes into account manufacturing process engineering, mould development, quality control, packaging and transport from the beginning of the project, whose structure is based on the automotive sector APQP which ensures integral project control at all times.

Q Quality Assurance: The quality objective “zero defects” cannot be approached by only taking checking into account. Plásticos Brello uses all the necessary work tools at each stage of the process. From the indisputable and exhaustive use of product and process FMEA, the PPAP fulfilled in the approval phase, via the quality assurance and organisation tools and production towards LEAN production, to the exhaustive analysis of quality incidents using 8D and Ishikawa, for example.

T Treatment of raw materials: Given our extensive experience and wide range of customers, we work with a wide variety of materials: from Polypropylene to PPSU, the treatment of raw materials is a key factor in obtaining quality parts.

To ensure the quality of the material to be injected, we have:

  • Centralised drying station (for pellets and masterbatch)..
  • On-site moisture meter to measure the moisture content of the pellets.
  • MFI measuring device: for the fluidity of plastic material.
  • Gravimetric dispensers.