O ur products cover an extensive range in accordance with the sizes and features of our machines, which give us a capacity for injected parts of a few grams to 7 kg.

Our parts are used especially in the automotive sector, particularly for 2-component parts, as well as in the household appliances sector.

Although we specialise in the automobile and electrical appliances sectors, we also manufacture other types of parts for different industrial sectors.

Partsfor the following sectors are manufactured at Plásticos Brello:

19 October, 2017


Manufacture of parts for the exterior and interior of vehicles: e.g. Cant rails, exterior pillars, light guides, reflectors, interior pillars, under the bonnet parts, trunk and roof parts.
18 October, 2017

Household appliances

Manufacture of parts decorated with screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, painting and chrome plating.
17 October, 2017

Electricity / eMobility / eTechnology

Manufacture of parts for electricity, electric mobility, home automation.
17 October, 2017


Manufacture of parts with quality finishes (painted, chrome, pad printing).
16 October, 2017


Manufacture of parts with technical materials such as PA66, PPSU and PEEK.
15 October, 2017

Pharmacy and health

Manufacture of parts for the pharmaceutical sector, of mainly PC and PMMA.
14 October, 2017


Chrome finish, 24 C gold, PVD and painting.