P Plásticos Brello has the most advanced equipment for manufacturing, production control and quality control of its products. One of our most outstanding capabilities is the manufacture of 2-component parts.

S Silicone Injection: We are trained to develop solutions for liquid silicone injection moulding and for industry.

2K 2K: Thanks to the 2K or double component injection we can inject two materials at the same time, which helps reduce time, cost and assembly. We have 2k machines with turntable technology, with air locks and movement at your disposal.

PLÁSTICOS BRELLO has an array of 37 machines with closing pressures from 35 to 1400 tons..

This equipment is completed with auxiliary machinery, such as screen printing, pad printing, and ultrasonic, vibration and hot plate welding.

Accumulated experience of over 40 years

Complete equipment and auxiliary machinery.

Experts in two-component (2K) technology.